Your accommodation on Mont Lozère, Cevennes National Park

Le Refuge - Hotel-restaurant & hiker's accommodation on the GR70

Fauna & fishing on Mont Lozère


Early risers with or without cameras who are at their posts at sunrise and behave with the utmost discretion can often see roe deer, stags and does coming to drink or graze calmly at the time of day when nature awakens.
A real return to nature: calm and authenticity.
Late September/early October is the rutting time for stags. It is an unforgettable moment for those who have never heard stags bellow.
The call of the wild in all its power! Even regulars never tire of it and impatiently wait for the season each year.
If you are patient and observant, you’ll be surprised by the diversity of insects and birds.


When spring comes, our rivers enchant anglers (and walkers). Whether you prefer natural-bait or fly-fishing, you can set off on your own with your fishing licence, or else be accompanied by one of our fishing guides.
Imagine the countless little waterways that flow down from the summit of Mont Lozère in a series of waterfalls through meadows and forests. The famous and beautiful red-spotted rainbow trout swims up these rivers from falls to falls.
Lozère is known as the “land of a thousand springs”. These include the springs of the Tarn (on Mont Lozère) and Lot (near Le Bleymard). In spring and summer, marvellous little flowers decorate the banks.
In winter, the frost sculpts the ice into scallops and magical lace.

Le Refuge

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