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Mont Lozère flora & mushrooms


In the spring, a multitude of wild flowers covers the summits and small valleys, and grows abundantly alongside path, roads and rivers.
The mountain is dressed in gold: dandelions, broom, wild pansies, wild daffodils, narcissi...
You’ll spot wild pansies (yellow, mauve, multi-coloured), violets, orchids (a dozen protected species), arnica and sundews (both protected), and so many others: daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, dog roses... These discoveries are quite so unforgettable because the local flora is incredibly diverse and prolific. Mont Lozère remains a site of strictly protected abundance.

In summer, the summits are purple: blueberries and cranberries, heather (purple and white). A magical moment...

In autumn, an enchantment of trees and colours.
Trees are covered in gold and crimson. The forest offers up its palette of autumnal colours and the scent of mushrooms.

In winter, nature finally rests. Trees bow in snowstorms, and their branches bend under the weight of snow and ice. The magic of sunlight shining through this coating of crystals!
Come to the Cévennes National Park, Lozère, for fresh air and new sights.
Outdoor guides will be on site to help you discover these marvels during organised outings.
Please be careful to pick and gather according to the rules and within reason. Many flowers and plants have become rare and are protected by the Cévennes National Park.


If you know how to find them, in the spring there are morels and St George’s mushrooms; in the autumn, chanterelles, grey knights, hedgehog mushrooms and more, including of course our famous penny buns. Why not make it an occasion for a lovely family walk through forests and undergrowth?

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