Your accommodation on Mont Lozère, Cevennes National Park

Le Refuge - Hotel-restaurant & hiker's accommodation on the GR70

Hiking on Mont Lozère

Mont Lozère: summer resort

In the spring, nature suddenly awakens. A huge number of flowers blossoms after the long winter.
This is the time for setting off with your camera and roaming the pastureland and the many paths – whether way-marked or not – either on foot or on mountain-bike. Nowhere else will you find a natural environment that has been so well-preserved.
As you wander, you may spot some young rabbits or roe deer, or a doe...

In the summer, look up at the sky. You’ll see buzzards or a majestic eagle circling. You’ll walk through low blueberry and cranberry shrubs. The heat of the day and the cool of night, solitude and silence: the components of a well-deserved rest!
In autumn, the magic of colours: you’ll move through a palette of colours ranging from gold to red.
Pay attention, and you’ll spot the local fauna and mushrooms.
It’s stag-bellowing time – unforgettable!

Mont Lozère: winter resort

In winter, the enchantment of snow. Imagine the tranquillity of a snowy landscape under a sky as blue as the Mediterranean Sea.
At the ski resort, you’ll find downhill and cross-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing equipment and packages.
Explore the great outdoors on snowshoes or cross-country skis, and enjoy the snow-covered slopes, or – if the snow melts – you can hike in the gorgeous winter sunshine. Pay attention: nature is always inhabited!
A little tip: always carry sufficiently warm clothes (even in good weather) and good boots.
Picnic baskets are available.
Please help to protect the natural environment. Everyone, including you, will enjoy it for longer!

Le Refuge

Gite & gîte d'étape

Mont Lozère
Le Mas d'Orcières
48190 Mont Lozère et Goulet

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